Thursday, April 5, 2012

Timing is Everything

Corbin threw me another curve ball last week. For once it wasn't medically related, he's decided he's done with diapers. Yes, I know I should be completely over joyed I mean who wouldn't be happy to have their child out of diapers before they turn two. But honestly I think his timing stinks! The new baby comes home in just 2 weeks...sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!

I really shouldn't have been too surprised. I mean his sisters all trained very early between 16 and 18 months but he's a boy, I was already planning on  actually and you'd think by now I'd be a pro. I was thinking about all the kids I've had in my care over the years and I think I've had a hand in potty training around 20 kids! Believe it or not, including Corbin only 5 of those were boys and two of those were "mostly" potty trained before they started with me. So really, I'm no expert!

I have to say he's been the easiest ever! We've had just a couple "puddles" on the floor. He was even dry all day when in Kansas City! I must say I am super impressed with that one because he was with his Dad! So here's to the prospect of being a diaperless house! (If even for a few days!)

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