Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Reflection Part 3

July was much more relaxed. While practices continued the only camp was an all day camp at church the older 4 participated in. They learned a lot about the rosary and it was a chance for them to get to see some of their friends again.

 But of course it was HOT. A couple of times we were concerned our air conditioner has going to go out all together. Thankfully we were just able to get away with a quick service call. We'll cross our fingers again for next year.

Corbin's inhibitor is holding steady right now, so that's kind of frustrating, but there's really nothing I can do just keep waiting for now.

July marked the end of my first college class in 13 years! Yes you heard right I took Nutrition this summer. After much praying and talking things over I've decided to pursue a career change. I'm taking my prerequisites to apply to nursing school.

Looking Forward

This older kids went back to school this week. I am so happy for them. It seemed the closer the first day got the more fighting I heard. They are all happy with their teachers (so am I!) and right now they are excited to start the school year.

The start of school also means the start of soccer season. Once again we are super busy with Jody coaching tennis, two swimming and this year we have three playing soccer. Our calendar scares me sometimes, but thankfully we have lots of people who have offered to help chauffeur kids around.

My classes started again last week. I am feeling a bit of a panic trying to get the kids ready for school, keep the house in some sort of order and keep up with my homework. I'm confident that once I get a routine it will be much better. Oh and did I mention I've taken up running?

I ran my first 5k it was ok. I'm still not really excited about running but I am really looking forward to trying to improve my time. I've also been enjoying the time on my own, it's kind of nice to have 30-45 minutes of quiet. Sometimes Clare goes with me so it's also really nice to get some special time with her.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Reflections Part 2

For me the highlight of summer was our vacation to Seattle to see family. I've never been to that part of the country and since we were also going across the border to Canada I wanted another stamp for the passport!  The day after Kolbe and Clare got home from camp we loaded up, headed to KC and hopped a plane to Seattle. Yes, we flew with 7 children.

Packing meds for the boys was an interesting experience. We've traveled with factor before, but Corbin requires more than just a box of factor and a needle. We did get stopped in security, but it was because we had forgotten to take Corbin's cup of apple juice out of the back pack before it went through the machine. We later found we left a small bag of supplies at security.
This is all the gear for two boys three doses each.

Of course we did all the touristy things you do in Seattle. Went to the Space needle and the market, rode the monorail and of course ate seafood!
Kolbe and Emily at the top of the Space Needle.
Clare looking up at Space Needle.

We loaded up 3 cars took 11 kids under 12, and 6 adults and headed north. The kids enjoyed "going out of the country" as part of vacation. We managed to keep our caravan together and crossing the border with some of my kids and husband in one care and me and the rest in another without a problem!
Lions Gate Bridge.

We made a stop at Stan Lee Park to play on a beach. The Capallanos Bridges were amazing and they kids did awesome with all the walking.

This picture doesn't really do justice to the size of this suspension bridge. 
Glass deck on the Cliff walk. I was really impressed (or scared) of how well Corbin did on this.

The next day we visited the Aquarium complete with our matching T-shirts!  This is part of our group after the Beluga Whale show, we sat in the splash zone. Do you know what happens when a whale waves good bye? You get wet!

Corbin and I got just a little wet! He was not excited!

Kolbe and Clare with the penquins.

Corbin and starfish.
Of course we have many, many more pictures this would be the longest post ever if I included them all! It was so nice to spend time with our nieces and their parents too! We had such a great time and it was really hard to leave the beautiful weather and come home to temps over 100!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer reflections part 1

With school just a few weeks away and many teachers (including my husband!) going back to work I decided to take a moment and look back at our crazy, lazy summer.

June seemed to be all about camps. Kolbe and Clare continued to swim competitively all summer joined by the three younger girls going to the team "swim school". Becca has advanced far enough that she is also able to race and competed in two meets this summer. The first was a short course 25 meter pool the second was a long course (Olympic sized) 50 meter pool.  In her second meet Becca was disqualified from the 50 backstroke because she was too close to the lane line and pushed off of it. She was pretty upset, but we have a sure fire way to help her feel better.
We have a tradition that DQ  means Dairy Queen!
Rebecca was probably the busiest kid in June. She and Clare had basketball camp at Hayden (the high school Jody teaches at) followed by swimming the first week of June. The next week she had soccer camp with Emily and Katie in the morning with swimming in the afternoon. She slept really well those weeks!

I didn't think to take any pictures of them at these camps. This is Katie's first year to be able to go to soccer camp she's looking forward to playing this fall. Special thanks to Grandma Karen for helping us get everyone around!

We were very blessed to be able to send Kolbe and Clare to Camp Kateri again this year. It is such an amazing place and the kids make lots of new friends from all over. They both said one of their favorite parts was making it to the top of the rock wall. They are both already looking forward to next year!

Photo courtesy of Prairie Star Ranch.
Photo courtesy of Prairie Star Ranch.

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's me again.

So it's been awhile since I've written. Something about adjusting to a newborn, having four kids and a husband home from school, and some other changes I've been making (more about that later) has left me little time to write. I'm hoping in the next few weeks to start some summer reflections. Until then know that everyone here is healthy and we "just keep swimming" through our day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celebration Extravaganza!

It was such a beautiful weekend! Not only was the weather wonderful, but our family had much to celebrate. Rebecca received her First Communion, Blaise was baptized and Katie turned 4 this week.

I love baptisms. Bringing new life into the church, hearing the words of blessing and encouragement remind me that I'm not alone.
Thanks to Fr. Brian for getting us in before First Communion and
our Godparents left the country!

I love the smell of Chrism oil. I still find myself smelling Blaise's head, yes it still has the scent of the oil.

Blessing over Blaise.

One of my favorite parts of the rite is:
"The Lord Jesus made the deaf hear and the dumb speak. May he soon touch your ears to receive his word, and your mouth to proclaim his faith, to the praise and glory of God the Father."

What more could I ask for my newest little man?

With Godparents Aunt Tyann and Uncle Bob.

Next stop, First Communion. Becca has been waiting for this day since Clare's First Communion two years ago.  She looked absolutely beautiful!
Becca waiting for Mass to start.

Between celebrating the two sacraments and that some of my favorite "church songs" were part of the liturgy this mom couldn't help but wipe back a few tears.
Fr. Brian, Becca and Blaise.

Finally we also celebrated Katie's fourth birthday. We took advantage of  having so many of our family and friends around and made the most of the day! What do you make for a kid that doesn't like cake or cookies or brownies?  An ice cream cake of course! 
She really did have fun! Just making faces for having to take pictures instead of play! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just when you think you have it all figured out.

This is not the first time I've been induced. I knew what to expect, how long it should take and what I needed to do to help speed my recovery. I had it all figured out.
Morning of induction 39 weeks 4 days!

7:00am arrive at hospital
8:00am iv started antibiotics and other induction meds begin
1:30pm holding beautiful new baby boy in my arms

Well my plan was pretty much blown from the get go, but I had no idea how far off it would go.

8:30am antibiotics started
9:30am induction meds begin
1:30pm very little progress made and my doctor is held up at the other hospital. There goes my timeline!
4:30pm Doctor comes to break my water and so begins the whirl wind. This part of the story is a little lot hazy for me as I was on pain meds by now. Within 5 minutes several alarms started sounding, my nurse tried to readjust the monitors, but that didn't seem to be helping. More and more nurses started coming into the room I was given oxygen and my doctor was called back in. At some point after my water was broken baby boy put his hand on the top of his head and brought the umbilical cord down with him. After trying to re-position baby it was decided we needed a c-section. Since I don't do epidurals and there wasn't time to get one now, I was put under for the surgery. Last thing I remember is being told to breath deep.
4:47pm time listed on Blaise Alexander Madden's birth certificate paperwork.
8lbs. 8oz. 21 inches long
I don't remember a lot about the rest of the evening. I don't remember holding him for the first time, I don't remember being moved from one room to another. I remember bits and pieces and have watched video. Things continue to come to me, mostly ridiculous things I said. My husband did a fantastic job holding our little guy and documenting those hours I lost during recovery. Recovering from a c-section is much different than what I'm use to. I don't exactly sit still well. I am doing my best to follow all the "rules."
The crew coming to meet Blaise for the first time.
The next day the kids came to meet their little brother, I was in no condition to have the kids visit me the night before. We let them go to school late so we could have some time together. So few things warm my heart like watching the instant love the kids offer. They were so excited to get a turn to hold the baby, all had big smiles on their faces and rarely left the couch just so they could see him a little longer. Corbin is having a little trouble adjusting he fluctuates between being jealous to being extermely possessive of Blaise not allowing anyone else to hold him. The older kids love helping with him.
This is probably one of my favorite photos! I 
We already know like his big brothers, Blaise has hemophilia. Right now we don't do anything with it unless there is a big problem.  As to Corbin's news...his inhibitor levels went up this month instead of down so that is a little obstacle but we knew there would be some bumps in the road.

My boys. Kolbe 11 years, Corbin 20 months, Blaise 1 day!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Timing is Everything

Corbin threw me another curve ball last week. For once it wasn't medically related, he's decided he's done with diapers. Yes, I know I should be completely over joyed I mean who wouldn't be happy to have their child out of diapers before they turn two. But honestly I think his timing stinks! The new baby comes home in just 2 weeks...sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!

I really shouldn't have been too surprised. I mean his sisters all trained very early between 16 and 18 months but he's a boy, I was already planning on  actually and you'd think by now I'd be a pro. I was thinking about all the kids I've had in my care over the years and I think I've had a hand in potty training around 20 kids! Believe it or not, including Corbin only 5 of those were boys and two of those were "mostly" potty trained before they started with me. So really, I'm no expert!

I have to say he's been the easiest ever! We've had just a couple "puddles" on the floor. He was even dry all day when in Kansas City! I must say I am super impressed with that one because he was with his Dad! So here's to the prospect of being a diaperless house! (If even for a few days!)