Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Reflections Part 2

For me the highlight of summer was our vacation to Seattle to see family. I've never been to that part of the country and since we were also going across the border to Canada I wanted another stamp for the passport!  The day after Kolbe and Clare got home from camp we loaded up, headed to KC and hopped a plane to Seattle. Yes, we flew with 7 children.

Packing meds for the boys was an interesting experience. We've traveled with factor before, but Corbin requires more than just a box of factor and a needle. We did get stopped in security, but it was because we had forgotten to take Corbin's cup of apple juice out of the back pack before it went through the machine. We later found we left a small bag of supplies at security.
This is all the gear for two boys three doses each.

Of course we did all the touristy things you do in Seattle. Went to the Space needle and the market, rode the monorail and of course ate seafood!
Kolbe and Emily at the top of the Space Needle.
Clare looking up at Space Needle.

We loaded up 3 cars took 11 kids under 12, and 6 adults and headed north. The kids enjoyed "going out of the country" as part of vacation. We managed to keep our caravan together and crossing the border with some of my kids and husband in one care and me and the rest in another without a problem!
Lions Gate Bridge.

We made a stop at Stan Lee Park to play on a beach. The Capallanos Bridges were amazing and they kids did awesome with all the walking.

This picture doesn't really do justice to the size of this suspension bridge. 
Glass deck on the Cliff walk. I was really impressed (or scared) of how well Corbin did on this.

The next day we visited the Aquarium complete with our matching T-shirts!  This is part of our group after the Beluga Whale show, we sat in the splash zone. Do you know what happens when a whale waves good bye? You get wet!

Corbin and I got just a little wet! He was not excited!

Kolbe and Clare with the penquins.

Corbin and starfish.
Of course we have many, many more pictures this would be the longest post ever if I included them all! It was so nice to spend time with our nieces and their parents too! We had such a great time and it was really hard to leave the beautiful weather and come home to temps over 100!

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