Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer reflections part 1

With school just a few weeks away and many teachers (including my husband!) going back to work I decided to take a moment and look back at our crazy, lazy summer.

June seemed to be all about camps. Kolbe and Clare continued to swim competitively all summer joined by the three younger girls going to the team "swim school". Becca has advanced far enough that she is also able to race and competed in two meets this summer. The first was a short course 25 meter pool the second was a long course (Olympic sized) 50 meter pool.  In her second meet Becca was disqualified from the 50 backstroke because she was too close to the lane line and pushed off of it. She was pretty upset, but we have a sure fire way to help her feel better.
We have a tradition that DQ  means Dairy Queen!
Rebecca was probably the busiest kid in June. She and Clare had basketball camp at Hayden (the high school Jody teaches at) followed by swimming the first week of June. The next week she had soccer camp with Emily and Katie in the morning with swimming in the afternoon. She slept really well those weeks!

I didn't think to take any pictures of them at these camps. This is Katie's first year to be able to go to soccer camp she's looking forward to playing this fall. Special thanks to Grandma Karen for helping us get everyone around!

We were very blessed to be able to send Kolbe and Clare to Camp Kateri again this year. It is such an amazing place and the kids make lots of new friends from all over. They both said one of their favorite parts was making it to the top of the rock wall. They are both already looking forward to next year!

Photo courtesy of Prairie Star Ranch.
Photo courtesy of Prairie Star Ranch.

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